Monday, January 30, 2012

Camping and Jeeping Death Valley

This last weekend a few friends and I decided to throw the camping gear in our three jeeps and head to Death Valley for a little exploring of some mines and ghost towns. We had a great time with some great laughs and a couple pucker moments too! We started out heading out to Ibex mine were we set up camp Friday night. Our goal was to hit Saratoga Springs Saturday morning and continue up to Ashford Mills then on to Mengel Pass and setting up camp Saturday night at Barker Ranch, were they caught Charles Manson. Sunday we would continue on to the town of Ballarat then finally hit pavement and circle the pavement through Death Valley via Stovepipe Wells and Furnace Creek. 

Friday night at dinner in Pahrump

Camp Friday night at Ibex Mine

Some of the local miners!

Ibex Mine Camp

Ibex Dunes

Saratoga Springs

Ashford Mills

Some of the locals!

Barker Ranch

Lotus Mine

Gary doing a little mine surfing!

A little CF702 shout out!

Jared enjoying a little pucker factor!

Steven was next!

Back to the pavement and time to air up!

The Sunset over Death Valley

The last fuel stop in Pahrump before home

It was another successful and safe trip. Hope you enjoyed a snapshot of the corner of Death Valley. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Denver, Co

Well as most of you know I rode back to Denver with my good friends after Christmas. They just moved into a new house that I was going to help them make a home, over the next six days. Well those six days have almost come to an end and I must say that we really did get a lot done. I would say that after many hours of hard work they are officially settled into there new home. It is a beautiful home for a beautiful family. They are dear friends of mine that I would call family. It wasn't all work though. They took me around to see some of the great sights around their home. From hiking, to touring a castle, we had a great time. Not to mention a great New Years Eve party with some new and old neighbors. Best of wishes to them in their new home and thank you for being so hospitable. I can't wait to come back, which will be sooner than later.