Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well day two in Moab is complete

Day two in Moab is complete. Today started off cooler than yesterday but warmed up nicer than the day before. Today we decided to tour Arches National Park. The park was exceptionally busy today because of spring break and the nice weather. We started off by making breakfast in camp and then loading up the bikes with things we would need for the day in the park. Once in the park we enjoyed the great sites of the red rock formations. We may have taken advantage of a couple of inappropriate photos here and there too that won't be disclosed her. Let's just say the the soft and silky dispenser in the pit toilets isnt a personal lubricant...who would've thought. Once again it was a great trip and the weather was perfect. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A weekend in Moab

Well Mark and I decide to take a motorcycle trip to Moab while he was off for spring break. Our plan was to leave yesterday as soon as I got off work around 9 am. Unfortunately I got held up at work and we ended up not leaving until almost noon. We ended up not pulling into Moab until about 8 pm. We had a very scenic ride but it was chilly at times getting as low as 32 degrees over Monarch Pass. Upon arriving in Moab we looked for a place to camp along the river but every camp ground was full due to most people being on spring break. So we ended up finding a private camp ground in town. Today we decided to take a scenic ride through Canyonlands park. It ended up being a beautiful sunny day with great sceanery. We finished up the day with a cold micro brew and some BBQ at camp.