Sunday, January 1, 2012

Denver, Co

Well as most of you know I rode back to Denver with my good friends after Christmas. They just moved into a new house that I was going to help them make a home, over the next six days. Well those six days have almost come to an end and I must say that we really did get a lot done. I would say that after many hours of hard work they are officially settled into there new home. It is a beautiful home for a beautiful family. They are dear friends of mine that I would call family. It wasn't all work though. They took me around to see some of the great sights around their home. From hiking, to touring a castle, we had a great time. Not to mention a great New Years Eve party with some new and old neighbors. Best of wishes to them in their new home and thank you for being so hospitable. I can't wait to come back, which will be sooner than later.

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