Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend. Last report I saw they were estimating 330k people coming to Vegas for Labor Day. So what do I do, get out of town! A couple friends and I headed up to southern Utah for some camping and cooler weather. We headed out Friday late afternoon and straight into a complete downpour. Traffic was down to a mere 45 mph on the highway. Now normally this wouldn't be a huge problem but I am in my Jeep with just the bikini top on. So needless to say I was getting a little wet and some serious looks by fellow travelers. To make matters worse my drivers side wiper decides to fall apart. This is when I decided to pull over and try and take care of my wiper issue, which I didn't resolve. So Doug decided to take the lead and I just stayed glued to his tail lights. Fortunately we were only 15 miles or so from our exit. When we stopped for fuel before heading up the mountain I decided to switch my passenger and driver side wipers. So once again I was able to see. Luckily we only had a little light rain on and off as we headed up the mountain. By the time we found a suitable camp sight the rain had stopped and we were able to set up our tents in dry conditions. Later that night though while we slept we got dumped on one last time. Saturday we had a few light showers in the early afternoon but it didn't stop us from checking out Mammoth Cave, Strawberry Point, and doing a little off-roading. We had a great dinner consisting of steak and corn on the cob thanks to Dezirae and Doug. We woke up Sunday to perfect weather. After breakfast we decided to go see the Ice Cave, hike to Cascade Falls, and then head over to Brian Head. After leaving Brian Head we decided to stop at the Burger Barn by Panguitch Lake for a late lunch. The burgers were good as always. While at Brian Head we decided that Monday we would head back over there and get in a little mountain biking. After a great spaghetti dinner Sunday night we hung out by the fire and headed off to bed in anticipation for a full day of mountain biking. We woke up early Monday and had breakfast and packed up camp. We had a great day mountain biking and followed it up by pizza and beer afterwards. Doug and I did realize that we aren't expert riders but more of an intermediate level riders. After leaving Brian Head we headed down the mountain to Parowan to fuel up for the trip home. As the Jeep and I are waiting our turn in line to get to the pump, it decides it doesn't want to start. After some quick trouble shooting I decide the battery has completely called it quits. Luckily being an older jeep it doesn't really need the battery to run just to start. So Doug gave me a jump and off we were towards home. I just had to make sure I did not turn the Jeep off til we were home. We made it home and now the Jeep is in the driveway awaiting a new battery.  

Our camp spot just off Mammoth Creek Road

The FJ showing the Raptor what an off road rig is suppose to look like...

Hanging out by the fire

Doug and I on our way to Cascade Falls

Finally got the fire really blazing...

A shot of us mountain biking...

A great view from Strawberry Point

Here is a shot of us at Strawberry Point, this one is much better than the first pick we took...

Here's a pick of the full Moon that lite up the sky every night

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