Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A weekend in Moab

Well Mark and I decide to take a motorcycle trip to Moab while he was off for spring break. Our plan was to leave yesterday as soon as I got off work around 9 am. Unfortunately I got held up at work and we ended up not leaving until almost noon. We ended up not pulling into Moab until about 8 pm. We had a very scenic ride but it was chilly at times getting as low as 32 degrees over Monarch Pass. Upon arriving in Moab we looked for a place to camp along the river but every camp ground was full due to most people being on spring break. So we ended up finding a private camp ground in town. Today we decided to take a scenic ride through Canyonlands park. It ended up being a beautiful sunny day with great sceanery. We finished up the day with a cold micro brew and some BBQ at camp.

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