Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 5 of vacation

I woke up this morning and went downtown Orange circle and had breakfast with George. Before leaving Ryder was happy to see me as usual. After breakfast we stopped by the hardware store to get a water valve to replace for Granny. George ended up taking me out to Chino airfield where a friend of his has a hanger. In the hanger was a P-51 Mustang that I was allowed to sit in and enjoy. It is a beautiful WWII aircraft that is becoming extinct.

George and I then decided to take a tour of the aircraft museum that is located there. It was an amazing museum and unlike most museums all of the aircraft located in the museum were air worthy and are flown from time to time. After the museum we proceeded back to Granny's to replace the leaky water valve. Granny decided she was going to take the orange beast for a spin, and of course I can't say no to Granny.

George and I went downtown to the last farmers market of the season and had dinner. That concluded the days festivities, I need to get some rest because I was rising early to leave for Las Vegas in hopes of beating the Halloween traffic.

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