Monday, November 10, 2014

The last week...

Sorry friends and family. I had every intention of making this a daily thing and of course I failed. So I'm playing catch up. I had a great time in Las Vegas seeing all my friends and family. I had a Halloween party on Friday night, a birthday party on Saturday, then a wedding on Saturday night. In between all the lunch dates with buddies I managed to get in three workouts at my old gym Crossfit 702 with old friends and my brother and sister. It just so happened that SEMA was in town this week too, thanks to George I was able to attend for a couple hours and see some amazing vehicles.
I left Las Vegas yesterday around noon headed for Zion National Park. I had  beautiful ride through Zion and made my way through southern Utah. I ended up stopping for dinner just after dark outside of Bryce Canyon. The goal after dinner was to find a place to came for the night, which became extremely difficult after dark. The 30 deg weather didn't make it any easier either. I ended up finding a place, possibly not a 100% legal place but I was running out of options.
I woke up this morning to a nice brisk 26 deg outside. I got camp packed up early so I didn't get caught some place I shouldn't be. I had my sights set on Moab. I spent the morning riding in 30 deg weather but the scenery through Escalante and Capitol Reef made it worth it. It finally warmed up to the mid 50's which made for an even more pleasant ride into Moab.
As I write this I'm sitting in a brewery in Moab drinking a beer and having a bite to eat. Next on the agenda is finding a suitable campsite for the next couple of days. Stay tuned more to come...

Jessica and I in our Halloween costumes. (its the only costume I had room for on the bike)

Laura and Jessica

Thanks to Kyle's GQ closet I had dress clothes for a wedding. 

One of the many amazing vehicles at SEMA this year.

A couple amazing pictures from Zion National Park.

This was my not so legal, 26 deg camp spot. 

The above pictures are all from Capitol Reef National Park.

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